Company Culture

Enterprise Prospect: To be a benchmark for the modern enterprise management in the world;to be the top steel structure enterprise in the world
Enterprise Mission: benefit society, make staff successful, and give clients happiness,thus being an enterprise of lasting vitality
Standard of Value: To benefit the society, clients, enterprise, staff and partners
Goal of Management: To establish a family-like professional and pioneering enterprise working in the discipline of military troops and in the order of school
Enterprise Principle: To perfect itself and create wealth by taking social development as its responsibility; the enterprise, a platform; and its team, the core of development

Enterprise Spirit: Passion; practicality; gratitude; and transcendence

Enterprise Philosophy: Customers First
Working Ethic: To be careful, fast and loyal to promises
Behavioral Principle: To accomplish work on time and in full without any excuse
Value on Practice: Be down-to-earth to achieve high

On 12 Principles of Guangzheng’s Business Philosophy


On Belief
Guangzheng believes in “trust, loyalty, and persistency”, which is regarded as the core value and basic principle of the enterprise and the sufficient condition for the enterprise’s success. To be an outstanding enterprise, Guangzheng must have a great belief to guide the enterprise’s future and give it spiritual power. With this great belief, Guangzheng has become a team of bravery with indomitable potential and all-time success.


On Dream
Guangzheng has a wonderful dream: to be a benchmark for the modern enterprise management in the world; to be the top steel structure enterprise in the world; to fulfill the mission of benefiting society, making staff successful, and giving clients happiness, thus being an enterprise of lasting vitality.Guangzheng is to improve its enterprise quality, optimize its management, be loyal and contributive to the country and fulfill all its missions on the clients.


On Assets
Guangzheng boasts two of its assets: the staff and the clients!
The staff who can provide fruits is the most important asset so the enterprise is to cultivate more of this asset. The clients is the second most important asset on whom the enterprise rely for a living so the enterprise is to respect the clients and make the clients happier with its service and products!


On Value
The very existence of an enterprise is to create value for the society, clients, enterprise, staff, and shareholders,   because the tradable value is the basic principle of market economy. Guangzheng’s value is to perfect itself and create wealth by taking social development as its responsibility; the enterprise, a platform; and its team, the core of development.




On Loyalty
Guangzheng is to be an enterprise dedicating itself on its own business and staying loyal to both its clients and staff. It is to be responsible for its words and deeds and never to make random promises, talk empty talk or spread invalid information. Loyalty is the bottom line, the largest spiritual assets, and a valuable property of an enterprise’s existence. Any deed goes against loyalty will lead to self-destruction.


On Wisdom
1.In the present business competitions, Xinguangzheng asks its team to stay passionate, practical, grateful and transcendent.In the present business culture, Guangzheng guides its team to have the awareness of altruism, service, value and contract. In this way, Guangzheng is to build itself an enterprise with the great habits of living and working and the quality of being dependable.2.In the present day, information is shared across the world. Guangzheng is to form a result-oriented thinking mode and create achievements with love, thus establishing itself a platform to share its fruits and profits with other counterparts.And these are the wisdom on the enterprise’s business sustainable development.


On Persistence
The true competition among enterprises is not fast development, but lasting development or the persistence. Guangzheng never sets its eyes on the immediate profits and never sells out its future for the instant benefits because it believes that the market needs to be cultivated and its capability to make profits needs to be improved through time.
Guangzheng never rushes into expansion for it believes that being down-to-earth makes great. Guangzheng also never tries to beat any one for it never treats any counterpart as a competitor. Guangzheng holds that the lasting development is the true development.


On Achievements
Guangzheng holds that “number is the most beautiful language”, which means a principle of result-oriented achievement.
Achievements, speaking in numbers and real results, are the rewards for working capability and service attitude. “No pains, No gains;” This is an ever-lasting truth. And the wealth is, bit by bit, created by the giving. Some may say that decision can sometimes overvalue the persistence; however, no matter how wonderful a choice is, one can never be successful without extraordinary dedication. Achievements rely on the investment and tolerance of an enterprise’s business culture.




On Brand
The very reason that Guangzheng can be a century-old enterprise is leading cultural philosophy and strong awareness of brand-building.Brand is the most valuable wealth of an enterprise, thus Guangzheng dedicates itself into brand-building, stays sober and calm all the time and never does anything harmful to its brand mark.Brand building is a right way to success.


On Execution
Guangzheng has strong execution ability: it never overweighs feelings over regulations, or relationship over principles; all the deeds are the result of the exact orders; and obeying is its best execution.
Guangzheng despises the deeds of holding back unpleasant information.
Obeying the supervisors is about morality in the workplace. Saying yes to orders, obeying the rules, learning from criticisms and looking at the larger picture is not only the true style among military troops but also in the scientific management of an enterprise.


On Never-Stopping Learning
Xinguangzheng regards the never-stopping learning as its core competitiveness, learning how to be good, how to get techniques, how to benefit others, how to do management. Learning in each day, each week and each month has become a strong faith. It learns not only how to be a great enterprise, but also the techniques of management and service. Guangzheng has made learning an ever-lasting behavior.


On Management Bottom Line
The management bottom line refers to the behavioral bottom line over which an enterprise’s value forbids to cross.Guangzheng forbids the deeds of lying, forfeiting, bribery, corruption, and exchanging enterprise’s benefits for personal ones. Guangzheng and its team will never tolerate any behavior of this kind or any person with these deeds.