prefabricated steel structure multi-storey office building

Our new office building,prefabricated steel structure multi-storey office building,a five-storey building,the dimension:42.9 meters long, 15.6 meters wide and 3.38 meters high,total floor area is 3578.38 square meters,the main construction of the project was completed in five days, greatly saving construction time and reducing installation costs.

For multi-storey building,steel structure is the best choice. Compared with concrete construction, its advantages are as follows:
1. Steel structure has light weight;
2. Steel structure has good seismic and impact resistance;
3. Steel structure manufacturing is highly industrialized;
4. Steel structures can be assembled accurately and quickly;
5. The building steel structure can be recycled after disassemble;
6. Steel structure building construction period is short.

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Post time: May-01-2024